Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Important Dates to Celebrate in Girl Scouts

Juliette Low's Birthday/Founder's Day - Oct. 31
World Thinking Day - Feb. 22 (joint birthday of Lord & Lady Baden-Powell)
Girl Scout's Birthday - March 12
Girl Scout Week - the week containing March 12
Girl Scout Sunday - the Sunday beginning GS Week
GS Sabbath - the Saturday ending GS Week
GS Shabbat - begins the Friday of GS Week at sundown & ends at sundown on Sat.
Leader's Day - April 22

Thursday, October 23, 2008

RSVP by Oct. 29 for Framingham Tree Lighting

The Framingham Tree Lighting is planned for Friday, Dec. 12 at about 6 p.m.
Girl Scouts typically do a holiday sing-a-long on the steps of Town Hall awaiting the arrival of Santa. Afterwards, the girls typically head inside for hot cocoa, cookies, and to listen to the all-elementary school band, among other activities.
The deadline to let the Framingham Service Unit know if your Troop plans to participate is Wednesday, Oct. 29. The Service Unit needs an estimated guess to the number of girls.
Please ask questions at the Yahoo leader Group.
RSVPs can be posted there too!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Girl Scout Leaders Wanted!

Leaders are needed to be responsible for a troop and to be assistant troop leaders and even mom volunteers to a troop.
Troop Leaders will get training and assistance from Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts Council and the Framingham Service Unit.
Troop leaders have the flexability to set meeting dates and times.
Leaders are especially need for Daisy & Brownie Scout levels.
Consider volunteering to to run or co-leader your daughter's troop.
Experience is not required.
Need more reasons to be a leader? Click on the link below for 50 more reasons:
Framingham Girl Scouts is open to girls ages 5-17 (Kindergarten through grade 12).
* The registration year is from October 1 through September 30.
* A parent or guardian signature is required on each girl's registration form.
* The annual membership fee is $10 person (financial aid is available on request). Each individual troop may require an additional fee per meeting or per year.
* Checks should be made payable to Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scout Council.
* Girls are divided into Daisy-Brownie-Junior-Cadet-Senior troops based on age/grade level.
*Girls may join an existing troop, if space is available.
* New troops may form throughout the year, and every effort will be made to place each girl in a troop.
* If no troop is available for a girl, she may register as a "Juliette" Girl Scout. This enables her to attend Framingham-wide events (like roller skating or bowling activities) as well as council events (including camps).
** Adults/parents who wish to attend a meeting or an event must register as a volunteer with Girl Scouts, including paying the $12 membership fee.
Posted by:
Susan Petroni
Media Manager, Framingham Service Unit

NOTE: Updated Sept. 2009

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History Offers Programs for All Girl Scout Levels

DIRECT LINK: http://www.spellman.org/core/scouting/

The Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History in Weston offers programs for Girl Scouts of all levels. The program is supported, in part, by the Weston Cultural Council, a local agency of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency that supports public programs in the arts, humanities, and sciences, and the Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs.
Girl Scout Patch Program for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors use stamps to learn about US and world history, geography, and culture and the contributions of notable United States women.
Contact the Museum to get information about planning a visit and to work with the Museum to meet requirements for a specific Badge, Try-It, etc. Fees for the programs vary and were not readily available.
For additional information call 781-768-7343 or e-mail info@spellman.org.

Junior Troop: Consider Earning the Bicycling Badge - offered by Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts Council

Developed by Girl Scout Junior Troop 464 of Hardwick, the Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts Council is offering a special Bicycling Badge For Junior Girl Scouts.
Junior Scouts from all Councils may work on earning this badge, exclusive to this Massachusetts Council. The requirements are below.
Once earned, the badges may be purchased at a Girl Scout store in the Central & Western Massachusetts Council. For additional information, e-mail info@gscwm.org
Purpose: This badge was created to promote bicycle safety and physical fitness.
Girls must complete six of the following 10 requirements including the two which are starred to earn the Bicycling Badge.
1. *Bicycling Safety: Find out what the Safety Wise standards are for bicycling with your troop.
2. *Rules of the Road: Following the rules, laws and etiquette on the roads are important to safe bicycle riding. Learn and practice the rules of the road for each of the following situations:
a. Which side of the road do you travel on when riding a bicycle?
b. What do you do at an intersection?
c. What do you do at a traffic light or stop sign?
d. What is the proper procedure when on a sidewalk or crosswalk?
e. Learn the hand signals for making RIGHT / LEFT turns and stopping
3. A Safe Bicycle: Learn what a safe bicycle should have, such as hand brakes and/or coaster brakes, handle grips, reflectors/lights, chain guard, pedals, horn/bell, etc. Learn how to tell if a bicycle is the right size for you.
4. Bicycle Inspection: Prepare an inspection checklist for your bicycle and be sure everything is in good working order. If anything is broken, missing, loose, etc., arrange to have it repaired or replaced.
5. Parts of the Bicycle: Learn the parts of the bicycle, how they work and general maintenance such as how to inflate a tire, change a tire, oil or tighten your chain, etc.
6. Helmets: Find out the laws in your state regarding bicycle helmets. Learn why it is important to wear a helmet and find out how to be sure it is the right fit for you. What other personal safety equipment can be used while bicycling?
7. Bicycle Safety Course: Design and set up a bicycle safety course and test at least 3 other people on your course. Have games to see who can ride around the course the safest. You can use orange cones, flags or other markers and set up in a safe parking lot. Post rules for your course and be sure everyone understands them before they begin. Don’t forget to teach hand signals!
8. Talk to the Expert: Invite an avid cyclist to your troop meeting, visit a bicycle shop or meet with a local cycling club to find out about the health benefits of cycling and ways cyclists prepare themselves physically for long and short rides. Find out what kinds of events cyclists can participate in.
9. Prepare a Kit: Find out what items you may want to take with you when bicycling like a water bottle, tire pump, air gauge, first aid kit, lock or a tire patch kit. Prepare a kit to carry with you while cycling, or for the leader to carry if you are cycling in a group.
10. Adventure Out! Plan and go for a ride on your nearest bicycle path, local park or somewhere away from traffic. Do not forget to wear a helmet and enclosed comfortable shoes!
Bicycle specialty shops
Local Bike Clubs (bike shops can help with this)
Mass Highway Dept and www.mass.gov: for information on Massachusetts bicycle laws.
Local Police Department: Some municipalities have bike ordinances of which you should be aware.

Street Smarts by John Allen
Effective Cycling by John Forester
Web sites:
FROM: Girls Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts Council
Link: http://www.gscwm.org/pdfs/bicycling_junior_badge.pdf
Developed by: Junior Troop 464, Hardwick,
Paula St.Pierre, Leader

Junior Troop: Consider Earning Saleswoman Badge Offered by Central and Western Massachusetts Council

Developed by Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts Council is offering a special Saleswoman Badge for Junior Girl Scouts.
Junior Scouts from all Councils may work on earning this badge, exclusive to this Council. The requirements are below.
Once earned, the badges may be purchased at a Girl Scout store in the Central & Western Massachusetts Council. For additional information, e-mail mailto:info@gscwm.org
Purpose: To provide opportunities for learning, skills building and fund raising. This badge will help you to understand the product sales programs and ways to make them more successful for
you and your troop. Consider doing in conjunction with the annual Cookie Sale. To complete the requirements finish six of these activities below.
1. With your troop, discuss troop program plans and budget. Set a troop goal.
During the sale, keep a troop goal chart which shows each girl's contribution. After the order-taking portion of the sale, evaluate the following with your troop: Did the troop meet its goal? Did each girl meet her goal? As a troop, what things will you do differently next year?
2. What is your individual goal? Make an individual goal chart to use during the sale. If working on the cookie sale, how do you plan to use your cookie credits?
3. Find someone who is a salesperson. Visit them at their place of business or invite them to attend a meeting. Talk about their job: What does the person do, how did they train for their job, what does the person like and dislike about the job? Ask this person for some tips on being a good salesperson.
4. Have a salesperson demonstrate selling techniques, then put on a skit or puppet
show to demonstrate the do's and don'ts of good saleswomanship. Take turns being the salesperson and the customer.
5. How can you create the best first impression while selling? What impression
does the Girl Scout uniform convey? Stage a fashion show demonstrating a good and a poor appearance.
6. Watch TV, listen to the radio, read newspapers or magazines to see how
products are advertised:
Do they tell the truth? How do you feel when they put down another product? Make up an advertisement for your favorite Girl Scout product. Share it with your troop.
7. With your troop discuss ways to increase sales. What new groups can you approach? What new methods can you use? To how many people can you sell? Make a list of potential customers. Use this list while taking orders, and when setting your individual goal for the sale.
8. The how-tos:
a. Know your product. Find out about Girl Scout cookies:
the different kinds, their names, the cost, the calories, etc.
b. Taking orders: discuss with your troop what to say and do when selling.
c. Keeping records: find out what information you need from your customers
and why.
d. Keep your order card for next year. You will have a good starting list of customers.
9. Help plan and participate in a discussion about safety. Talk about ways to keep
yourself safe either during order-taking and delivery or at a cookie shop (booth sale). Post the results of the discussion, as a reminder during the sale.
10. Make a new dessert using Girl Scout cookies as the main ingredient to serve at a special occasion.
Info: Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts Council
Link: http://www.gscwm.org/pdfs/CouncilOwnBadge_Saleswoman.pdf

Earn a FETCH! Patch at the Children's Museum in Easton

Brownies or Girl Scouts can earn a chance to feel like FETCH! contestants (characters in a popular PBS TV show) and along the way earn a FETCH! Patch (for the back of their vest)!
The Children's Museum in Easton is offering the special patch program.
The hands-on FETCH! activities extend the science and engineering learning introduced during the WGBH/PBS show. Girl Scouts will tackle challenges, solve problems, and devise creative solutions while doing hands-on activities that require easy-to-find materials.
the Museum's talented educators are experienced in all the FETCH! activities and make earning the FETCH! Patch a breeze for you and your Troop.
For more info on how to book a Patch program or schedule a possible Troop sleepover plus Patch program call 508-230-3789.
Museum's FETCH! Lab link: http://www.charityadvantage.com/ChildrensmuseumEaston/FETCHLab.asp
Museum Direct Link: http://www.charityadvantage.com/ChildrensmuseumEaston/scoutprograms.asp
About the Museum: http://www.charityadvantage.com/ChildrensmuseumEaston/PlanYourVisit.asp

Friday, October 17, 2008

Monday is Deadline To Register for Roller Skating!!!

The Framingham Girl Scout Service Unit is hosting a town-wide roller skating event on Saturday night, Nov. 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Roller Kingdom in Hudson. The cost for each Girl Scout is $4 to cover the cost and the participation patch.
Girls may rent skates for an additional fee of $3, at the rink.
The deadline to respond to Missy, who is coordinating the event, is October 20. All Money is due at that time too!
If you have e-mailed your troop will come and how many before the date great, but if Missy does not have the money by October 20th you troop will not make it into the final count for patches and the event.
NO late registrations will be accepted.
Please keep in mind that this is a Girl Scout only event.Safety-wise ratio rules for parents apply.
No family skating allowed for this event.
Girl Scout Troop Leaders who have questions should contact Missy or post questions on the leader group at Yahoo!

Buttonwood Zoo in New Bedford Offers Group & Educational Programs

DIRECT LINK: http://www.bpzoo.org/index.html

The Buttonwood Zoo in New Bedford offers learning experiences for Girl Scouts of all ages.
Call 508-991-6178 x 30 for specific information. Ask if teh zoo can create a program to work with a specific Try-It or Badge requirement.
Brownie & Older Scout Troop Levels
Maximum group size for these programs is 30 students.
Larger groups must make arrangements for multiple programs.
Guided Zoo Tour: Enjoy a stroll around zoo grounds with a zoo educator who will talk to your group about the animals and their habitats.
Please note: guided tours are not available in June.
Grades: All

Length: 1.25-1.5 hours
Fee: $90
The Reasons for Seasons: Why does our world change with the passing seasons? Visit the zoo to find out how our native plants and animals adapt to these natural variations. This program will focus on observable changes that are taking place at the time of your visit.
Brownie Level
Length: 1 hour
Fee: $60
The Wonder of Birds: What makes a bird a bird? (Hint: It's probably not what you think!) Join us as we explore eggs, feathers and the other unique characteristics of our feathered friends. Ask to see if they can create a program that will help your troop earn Central & Western Massachusetts Council Try-It for Birds.
Pre-visit activity sheets (PDFs) Wonder of Birds Lesson, Wonder of Birds Vocabulary
Brownie level
Length: 1 hour
Fee: $60
Nature’s Transformers: Did you know that not all animals grow up the way we do? Some undergo amazing transformations in shape, behavior and even how they breathe! Join us in exploring this marvel of metamorphosis. Students will interact with live Tenebrio beetles at each of their life stages and apply what they have learned to find out about other metamorphosing species. At the end of the program, teachers will be provided with a summary of their class’ observations.
Brownie & Junior Level
Grades: 3 - 5
Length: 1 hour
Fee: $60
Animal Adaptations: Otters, beavers and seals are all animals that spend much of their time in the water, yet they are quite different from each other. Using inquiry-based activities we will explore how each of these animals has adapted to life in the water.
Pre-visit activity sheet (PDF) Animal Adaptations Lesson
Junior Level
Length: 1 hour
Fee: $60
Vernal Pool Ponderings: Why are vernal pools so special? Visit the zoo and discover some of the mysterious creatures that call vernal pools home. We’ll investigate the dangers of amphibian life, the death-defying lifestyles of fairy shrimp and the nomadic wanderings of turtles. We’ll also cover the basics of vernal pool identification.
Pre-visit activity sheet (PDF) Vernal Pool Vocabulary
Junior & Cadette Level
Grades: 4 - 8
Length 1 hour
Fee: $60
Backyard Biodiversity: What is biodiversity? Is it an exotic phenomenon found only in far off rainforests or can we find it right here on the South Coast? With nets, boxes, magnifiers and field guides we’ll explore biological communities that live in our own backyards.
Please note: this program is not available November thru March.
Cadette level & higher

Length: 1.5 hours
Fee: $90
For additional information about programs, fees, or to register a Troop for a program, call 508- 991-6178 x 30.

Orchard House in Concord Offers Programs for Girl Scouts

DIRECT LINK: http://www.louisamayalcott.org/education.html#scouts

Orchard House, home of author Louisa May Alcott and her family, in Concord offers special programs for all levels of Girl Scout Troops!
By visiting the Orchard House for a special program, girls may complete various requirements for Brownie Try-Its, Junior Badges or Cadette/Senior Interest Patches.
Note: There is a minimum requirement of 10 girls or payment for 10 girls per program.
A variety of programs at Orchard House introduces learners of all ages to the Alcott family and their world! Participate in the activities enjoyed by the Alcotts over 150 years ago in one of our many School Group offerings. Examine the Alcotts’ contributions to various 19th Century Reform Movements. Experience a 19th Century School Room. Discover why the Alcotts kept daily journals and begin your own "Journey Through Journals."
Below is a summary of the programs offered:
Daisy Program: Hand-in-Hand at Orchard House
This program introduces Daisies to a museum and to the home of the author of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott. Daisies learn about the Alcott family using interactive materials and hands-on activities as they tour Orchard House. Victorian dress-up, felt boards, a story, games and artwork are included in this introductory program.
1 hour program
offered year-round
$9 per girl
Group size limited to 15, inclusive of required chaperones
1 free chaperone per every 4 girls required

Brownie Girl Scout Programs
* Listening to the Past (Completes all Try-It Requirements)
Meet a member of the Alcott family (portrayed by trained staff) who will talk about life in the mid-1800s and Louisa May Alcott’s childhood. Brownies then tour Orchard House, seeing it as it looked when the Alcotts lived here and hearing how Louisa came up with ideas for her stories. Girls will also play a game, learn a song, draw a picture, and act out a passage from one of the family’s favorite stories.
90-minute program offered year-round
$11 per girl
Group size limited to 15 girls
2 free adult chaperones per 15 girls required

* Puppets, Dolls & Plays (Completes all Try-It Requirements)
Did you know that making puppets and dolls is an art that was a very popular pastime in the Victorian age? Learn about the toys and games of Louisa, Anna, Elizabeth, and May and about the dolls they made. Girls will make their own yarn dolls and take them on a tour of Orchard House! They will also make a puppet and use it to dramatize a story from our "Puppet Theatre."
90-minute program program offered year-round
$11 per girl
Group size limited to 15 girls
2 free adult chaperones per 15 girls required

* Write Away
The Alcotts were a very creative family! Girls will have an opportunity to write in the very room where Louisa wrote her most famous book, Little Women, try their hand at a troop “post office,” play rigamarole, and make “castles in the air,” just like the Alcott girls did when they were growing up.
90-minute program offered year-round
$11 per girl
Group size limited to 15 girls
2 free adult chaperones required
Junior Girl Scout Programs
* My Heritage (Completes requirements #1 through #9)
Journey back in time to 1870 and discover the rich heritage of the Alcotts as you explore your own! A member of the Alcott family (portrayed by trained staff) will show you through the House, where you will make your own journals (materials provided) and have an opportunity to write in them as you hear entries taken from the real journals of the Alcotts. Listen to favorite family anecdotes, hear about special events of the times, and learn some family sayings while beginning your own "wisdom list." You will also play a 19th Century game or sing a song the Alcotts enjoyed, and see many treasured family heirlooms.
90-minute program offered year-round
$11 per girl
Group size limited to 15 girls
2 free adult chaperones per 15 girls required

* Being My Best (Completes requirements #1 through #7)
Louisa May Alcott has been a wonderful role model ever since Little Women first captured the imaginations of people all over the world. She was concerned then — as we are today — with the issue of girls striving to be themselves in an increasingly complicated world. Visit Orchard House and learn how Louisa and her sisters struggled to overcome their difficulties, met challenges, and capitalized on their talents to become strong, independent women. Through role play, journal writing, creating a "brag bag," and other fun activities, explore your own best assets to increase self-esteem and become the best person you can be!
90-minute program offered year-round
$11 per girl
Group size limited to 15 girls
2 free adult chaperones per 15 girls required

* Write All About It
Louisa May Alcott was a great observer of the world, and she learned to use those observations in her writing. Come write in the very room where she penned many of her famous stories, including her most famous book, Little Women. Sharpen your skills by using events in your everyday life for your stories, and learn what goes into making a good writer!
90-minute program offered year-round
$11 per girl
Group size limited to 15 girls
2 free adult chaperones required

Did you know that young Louisa and her sisters performed "theatricals" for their friends and neighbors? Tour Orchard House, where the Alcott girls presented original plays in the Dining Room and Parlor, and then bring a script to life on the stage of The School of Philosophy located on the Orchard House grounds using simple props and costumes. Learn how to interpret a character and participate in group acting exercises and improvisations, ending with the performance of scripted scenes from Louisa's writings!
2 hour program
Offered only May through September
$12 per girl
Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 2 free adult chaperones (required)

Cadette and Older Scout Programs
ages 12 - 17
Once Upon A Story (Completes requirements for Career Exploration #1 through #5 and Technology #1 through 5)
Explore different writing genres in the home of Louisa May Alcott, one of our foremost American writers. Girls will hear about careers related to writing while trying their hand at poetry, plays, historical fiction, and other forms. They will also learn how Louisa used writing to make the past come alive, and the elements that go into creating a story of their own through writing exercises done in the very same house where Little Women was conceived and written!
2 hour program offered year-round
$12 per girl
Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 2 free adult chaperones (required)

* The Play’s the Thing! (Completes requirements for Skill Builders #2 through #4 and Technology #1)
Come to Orchard House, where the Alcott girls transformed their Dining Room and Parlor into a theatre for visiting friends and neighbors. See where they did their lightning-quick costume changes and then help bring a scene from Little Women to life on the stage of The School of Philosophy located on the Orchard House grounds! Girls will also participate in acting exercises and improvisations, and learn some technical aspects of theatre production.
2 hour program
Offered only May through September
$12 per girl
Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 2 free adult chaperones (required)

Cadette & Senior Troops: Earn Community Service Bars
Seeking a new and different way to earn the Community Service Bar? Consider a project at Orchard House, a non-profit organization which depends on volunteer help for many aspects of its operation. We’ll work with you to create a flexible program to best fit both our needs! We can also provide at least four hours of training in exchange for a minimum of twenty-five hours of volunteer service.

New England Wildlife Center in South Weymouth Offers Educational Programming

DIRECT LINK: http://www.newildlife.com/Wildlife-Rehabilitation-Hospital/Education.html

The New England Wildlife Center in South Weymouth is committed to providing quality educational programs to students & Girl Scouts that will help ensure habitat and wildlife preservation into the next century.
The non-profit center's programs bring students into contact with native and naturalized wild animals through hands-on, interactive environmental education programs. Live wild animals that cannot be released back into the wild including owls, hawks, snakes, turtles, lizards, and geese accompany us to each program.
The center's goal is to provide students with firsthand, "real" experience with a wild animal and to teach them basic scientific skills such as comparison, observation and interpretation that will empower them to assess the environment and wildlife for themselves.
Educational Technique & Philosophy
Programs are constructed to follow a series of simple steps.
The first step is to capture the visitors' attention with the presence of live wild and domestic animals. Many of our visitors have never seen these kinds of animals, and most have only second hand information from lectures, books, television or computers. The use of live animals in conjunction with developing inquiry and observation skills is a hallmark of our programs. Facts about animals are important, but learning how to learn directly from them is more important. Comparing and contrasting live animals is the most fruitful technique because it builds on a student's own personal experience and knowledge. The Center's educational programs are designed to develop this learning skill. Next, the programs model a series of observations. This is a process of comparing and contrasting anatomical and behavioral features of the live animals present. The Center demonstrates this process for the visitors first so that they can then emulate it. Visitors complete these programs skilled in this style of investigation and interpretation. They readily observe, compare, and interpret other animals and objects in the same way. Visitors also transfer this educational technique to more than just biology. It is apropos in chemistry, earth science, physics and even the language arts.
In each presentation students are encouraged to ask questions and to interact as much as possible with the live animals. The content of a particular presentation can be modified to suit specific Troop needs. The specific Troop level sequence of programs is designed to complement the Frameworks and the learning levels of the students. Educational Philosophy
All programs include live animals as a central theme.
Presentations are informal, and encourage questions.
It is the goal of the Center to empower students of all ages with observational and investigation skills in order to encourage a more interactive, authoritative relationship with the environment and wildlife.
* Sevens: The premise of Sevens is that if every person in the Commonwealth could name just seven birds, seven mammals, seven herbs, seven trees, seven rocks and/or seven clouds, our populace would be more environmentally literate. The Center’s educators combine schoolyard natural history with hands-on exposure to wildlife with incremental classroom training in observation and interpretation and other science concepts, content and process skills that are tied to the Massachusetts Science and Technology Curriculum Frameworks. To learn more about this program, click the link below: Sevens (Adobe ® PDF format)
* Awash!: Awash! combines the H20 water curriculum with the skills training and sustained programming of Sevens. The philosophy of the Awash! program is that environmental literacy and preservation are best achieved by helping citizens to understand and “know” their natural world, which exists in their own schoolyards, parks, nature reserves and watersheds. To learn more about this program, click the link below: Awash! (Adobe ® PDF format)

Boston Symphony Offers Tours & Concerts

The Boston Symphony Orchestra offers discounts and flexible payment plans but that’s only the beginning! The group sales staff can help guide a Girl Scout troop every step of the way to creating a true experience for your troop. That means giving you the personalized service needed for that perfect day at Symphony Hall. Workshops, private tours, masterclasses with musicians … whatever your interests are, the Group Sales Office can lead you to an unforgettable musical adventure. Ask the sales office to help your troop work towards Try-It or Badge requirements.
The BSO offers family concerts introducing children to classical music each spring. The next series of concerts is April 2009.
To qualify for a group discount, you must order a minimum of 25 tickets.
Groups receive discounts from 5% to 20% off regular ticket prices depending on the date and the program. An invoice confirming your order will be mailed within 5 business days of the date of you reservation. The invoice will state your payment deadline, which is four weeks before the concert, unless otherwise stated.
Groups that make reservations less than four weeks in advance of the concert date must make full payment within five days of making a reservation. Groups booking within five days of a concert must pay by credit card upon making their reservation.
All tickets will be mailed to the group leader, unless otherwise instructed, upon receipt of the balance due. Tickets are not refundable once they are paid in full.
Groups will be seated in blocks whenever possible; however, block seating is not guaranteed.

Fruitlands Museum Offers Tours & Other Educational Programming

DIRECT LINK: http://www.fruitlands.org/index.php

Fruitlands Museums in Harvard is open to visitors and school groups from May until October 31.
Immerse yourself in the tradition, history and landscape of New England at scenic Fruitlands Museum. With four intimate galleries of Native American, Shaker and American art, workshops and lectures, outdoor concerts, contemporary exhibitions and easy walking trails the Museum will move you almost as much as our breathtaking views.
Cost is $5 per student. We require one adult for every 10 students; these adults are admitted at no cost. Admission for each additional adult is $5.
Call the education department at 978-456-3924 ext. 239 or e-mail education@fruitlands.org for additional details or to book a program. Ask about making a visit related to a specific Girl Scout Try-It or Badge.
Museum Programs
Fruitlands has several opportunities for school field experiences. Students can visit all four museums; Alcott and Transcendentalism, Shaker, Native American, and American Art, and learn not only about the objects created in the 19th century, but also about the lives of the people who created them. Learn how the landscape shaped the ways these people lived and how they in turn, shaped the land.
For those groups interested primarily in a program on Native Americans, Fruitlands offers flexible programs which may include and extended visit to the Indian Museum, learning some Native American games and stories, a trip out to Fruitlands woodland trails to explore the Native American Hunting / Gathering site, and a classroom archaeological program.
The following educational programs have been designed to meet curriculum frameworks for particular grades but can be modified to meet the specific needs of students of all ages and abilities. Speak with the education department at Fruitlands to create a visit that best suits your needs.

In Grades 1 through 4 (Brownie & Junior): Native People Long Ago & Today
This program will focus on the history of Native People throughout the United States in the past and today.
Activities include: A Slide Show comparing and contrasting the way Native people and the Colonists in New England used the land. (30 minutes)
A hands-on opportunity to explore a reproduction Native American home site focusing on the ways in which Native people in southern New England met their need for food, shelter, and clothing. Students will also learn about experimental archaeology. See a dugout canoe and learn how the staff at Fruitlands made it using the technology native people used hundreds of years ago. (30 minutes)
A tour of the Indian Museum focusing on the objects created by Native people in the Northeast, Southwest, Plains, and Northwest Coast and how they reflect the natural resources in the different geographic regions. (30 minutes)
An opportunity to play the Harvest Game, a classroom activity that focuses on the food resources available to the Native People who lived in New England thousands of years ago. (30 minutes)

Fifth Grade (Junior Girl Scout) Program
Changes in the Land – Understanding history through archaeology and exploration
This program will focus on comparing and contrasting the ways in which the Native people and the colonists used and changed the landscape. Pick and choose from the following activities to create your ideal program:
A tour of the Indian Museum. (30 minutes)
A hands-on opportunity to explore a reproduction Native American home site focusing on the ways in which Native people in southern New England met their need for food, shelter, and clothing. (30 minutes)
A mock archaeological “dig” during which students will discover artifacts from Native people and colonists. (60 minutes)
A slide show comparing and contrasting the way Native people and the Colonists in New England used the land. (30 minutes)
An optional self-guided tour of the Willard Site. The Willard site is located in the woods behind Fruitlands Museums. It was the site of a 18th and 19th century farm which was excavated in 1999. You will be provided with a map and other information so you can lead your students through the trails to the site. Once at the site there are a number of signs displaying information about the archaeology and the story of the farm. (30 minutes)
Overview of Primary Sources – Visit to all 4 Museums at Fruitlands
This program will provide an overview of the vast array of primary sources available that help us know what we know about the past. Choose a program from the following options:
A tour of the Fruitlands Farmhouse where Louisa May Alcott and her family lived as part of a Transcendentalist experiment from 1842-1843. Primary sources include various artifacts, pictures, and documents. (30 minutes)
A tour of the Shaker Museum which depicts Shaker life in the early to mid-19th century. Fruitlands Museums has a considerable library of Shaker journals, books, songs, and letters as well as many artifacts made and used by the Shakers in Harvard and elsewhere. (30 minutes)
A tour of the Indian Museum with displays of artifacts from the Northeast, Plains, Southwest, and Northwest Coast. (30 minutes)
A tour of the Picture Gallery featuring 19th century landscapes and portraits. (30 minutes)
An optional archaeological exercise that allows students to partake in a mock archaeological “dig” in our classroom. Students will discover how artifacts are discovered and how they provide information about the past. This option would extend the field trip by approximately one hour. Teachers may choose to select this archaeology activity and two museum visits in order to fit into the typical 3-3 ½ hour field trip. (60 minutes)
High School Programs
Shakers & Transcendentalists – Comparing and Contrasting Two Utopian Communities
This program will compare and contrast the ways of life of the Shakers and the Transcendentalists. Students will learn about the primary sources that teach us about these two communities and then participate in an activity in which they will use what they have learned.
Activities can include:
A tour of the Shaker Museum. (30 minutes)
A tour of the Brethren & Sisters exhibit in the Picture Gallery featuring objects and stories that tell the story of the Harvard Shakers. (30 minutes)
A tour of the Fruitlands Farmhouse. (30 minutes)
A marketing activity. Students will participate in a group classroom activity utilizing all of the resources Fruitlands has to offer, including a portfolio of primary sources from the Shakers and Transcendentalists. Students will play the part of an employee of a 21st century advertising firm who is faced with the task of returning to the 19th century to develop a marketing plan for either the Harvard Shaker Village or Fruitlands. Students will incorporate what they know from the tours of the museums and the portfolio of primary sources to create a marketing plan that can then be presented to the group. (60 minutes)
An optional walking tour of the Harvard Shaker village. This walking tour begins approximately 5 miles from Fruitlands Museums at the Holy Hill of Zion. The walk continues through open meadows and fields and past the buildings and remains of buildings in the Shaker village. This tour is available for an additional $1 per student and requires transportation to the village. (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Museum Tours – Exploring Fruitlands’ collections
A tour of the Fruitlands Farmhouse where Louisa May Alcott and her family lived as part of a Transcendentalist experiment from 1842-1843. Primary sources include various artifacts, pictures, and documents.
(30 minutes)
A tour of the Shaker Museum which depicts Shaker life in the early to mid-19th century. Fruitlands Museums has a considerable library of Shaker journals, books, songs, and letters as well as many artifacts made and used by the Shakers in Harvard and elsewhere.
(30 minutes)
A tour of the Indian Museum with displays of artifacts from the Northeast, Plains, Southwest, and Northwest Coast.
(30 minutes)
A tour of the Picture Gallery featuring 19th century landscapes and portraits.
(30 minutes)
A self-guided tour of our Woodland Trails. Follow well-marked trails through 3.2 miles of varied woodland landscapes. Visit an archaeological site, a Native hunting & gathering ground, or simply explore our natural landscape.
(30 – 60 minutes)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


All leader meetings this year to be held the first Tuesday of the month at the Plymouth Church.

Next meeting: Nov 4:
Agenda to include: Leader e-mail list available, leader documentation review

October 7th: 12 leaders/volunteers present

Town-wide Encampment: event held Sept 19-21 at Camp Cedar Hill, Waltham – fabulous weather, about 80 girls from 10 troops went, Brownies earned “Art to Wear” and “Safety First” Try-Its; Juniors earned “Art to Wear” and “First Aid” badges, all girls received an encampment patch – HUGE thank you to Helena for organizing and running such a successful weekend event!
Spring Registration: Early Bird patches – we are having trouble locating the patches, once they are located we will put them in the troop folders at the church and send out an e-mail. Each troop that registered in the spring also earned a “one free admission to Town Sponsored Event” coupon which was given out at the meeting or placed in your folder.

Free Swap Night – at the meeting, lots of goodies were displayed and leaders helped themselves, we will do it again at a future meeting

Oct. 5 Science and Voting Workshop – 72 girls from 10 troops participated in the event, the Brownies earned their “Science in Action” Try-it and the Juniors earned their “Science Discovery” badge, all girls earned the “I Promised a Girl Scout I’d Vote” patch and all girls attending received a GS Science Fun patch, the girls had a great time and Valerie Mulvey from the town’s clerk office was wonderful!

Girl Scout Levels – the council is in the process of reassigning Girl Scout levels as per the direction of Girl Scouts USA, we have been told that this is an “adjustment year” and the current troops may choose to use the old or new level rules.
The new levels are:
Daisy = Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Brownie = 2nd and 3rd Grade
Junior = 4th and 5th Grade
Cadette = 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade
Senior = 9th and 10th Grade
Ambassadors (new level) = 11th and 12th Grade.
Any questions contact Framingham Service Unit Members

Fall Registration: all troops who have not yet registered must now send in their “complete” registrations to Deb – deadline = no later than Oct. 20. Remember only troops that are registered may meet and sell cookies – if your troop is not listed below you are NOT registered:

These troops ARE REGISTERED: 2078, 2082, 2086, 2087, 2091, 2092, 2094, 2102, 2116, 2125, 2134, 2148, 2151, 2161, 2163, 2164, 2165, 2166, 2170, 2171, 2172, 2174

Registration packets are in troop folders at the Plymouth Church, if you picked up your packet last spring that is the one you should use – there is only ONE packet per year per troop.

Registration nights for NEW Girls: this is only for new girls to Girl Scouts and not for existing girls or troops = Oct. 14 from 7-9pm at First United Methodist Church and Saturday, Oct. 25 from 9-11 a.m. in Costing Room at the Framingham Public Library – Main Branch

Fall Product Sales: troops may choose to participate in the fall sales of magazines, Nuts, and Candy, contact the council for more information

Cookies: Daisies may sell cookies starting this year. “Cookie University” will be held at the Plymouth Church at the Dec. 2 meeting – you must send a parent volunteer to this meeting to pick up your troop supplies and receive the most up to date information – Helena needs your cookie parent information by this date, remember – if your troop is not registered they are not allowed to sell cookies

Banking: now that the council has formally changed names and has a new non-profit tax ID number, troop leaders must update the troop’s bank information. Contact the council = Membership Program Office at 781-893-6113 X 237 ask for Laverne Bridge Daly, to get the proper documentation to bring to your bank. This was supposed to be done by Sept 30, 2008 – so please contact the council ASAP if you have not already.

Star Troop: The Eastern Massachusetts Council is not sponsoring a Star Troop program this year

Roller skating Party: Deadline to register is Monday, Oct. 20. Event is Saturday, Nov 1 from 5:30-7:30 at Roller Kingdom in Hudson - $4 per scout. ($3 for rental that night) Contact Missy with any questions

Girl Scout Dance – Bonnie-Jean Rowe and her troop are working out the details for a possible older girl dance (grades 6 and up) for March 2009, she is looking for any help on suggestions for locations, please contact her for questions/suggestions/ideas

Parent/Leader Talents – the town service unit would like to put together a list of “talent." We are looking for adults (leaders, parents, grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, etc) who would be willing to share their talent/experiences (scientists, doctors, nurses, artists, musicians, engineers, hair stylists, chefs, mechanics, lawyers, etc) with troops in town at troop meetings or at service unit events – if you are or you know of someone who would be interested please contact Mary Ann

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Framingham Service Unit Leadership

Service Unit Contacts:
Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
1-866-268-8652 or www.girlscoutseasternmass.org
* Chris Sears (team leader)

Town Coordinator: Nancy Solomon
Registrar: Deb Brisbois
Troop Organizers: Missy Maloof & Lauren Fawell
Secretary: Mary Ann Sager
Yahoo Group Coordinator: Carolyn Limeri
Treasurer: Helena Siciliano
Program Liaison: Grace Burke
Adult Recognition = Pat Aulenbach and Paula Brackett
Cookie Chair: Helena Siciliano
Town-wide Encampment: Helena Siciliano
Family Partnership: open
Media Manager = Susan Scully Petroni
Area Association Delegates: Connie Miles & 1 opening
Event Coordinators = assigned to specific events throughout the year
Supplies Storage (flags, etc) = Lauren Fawell
Library Display = Nancy Solomon

If you are interested in volunteering for a position with the Framingham Service Unit, please contact the Town Coordinator or Secretary.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Town-Wide Encampment A Success!

Held the weekend of Sept 19-21, the Framingham Girl Scout Town-Wide Encampment was attended by 10 troops and about 80 Scouts.
The troops enjoyed fabulous weather at Camp Cedar Hill in Waltham.
Brownies earned “Art to Wear” and “Safety First” Try-Its.
Juniors earned “Art to Wear” and “First Aid” badges.
All girls received an encampment patch
A HUGE thank you to Helena for organizing and running such a successful weekend event!

Gore Place in Waltham Offers Brownie & Junior Scouting Programs

DIRECT LINK: http://www.goreplace.org/education-scout-details.htm
Gore Place in Waltham: The early 1800s estate of Massachusetts Governor Christopher Gore includes a small farm with sheep, goats and poultry. The elegantly furnished mansion has been called “the Monticello of the North” and architectural historians consider it to be the most significant Federal period mansion in New England.
Gore Place is a unique location for Girl Scouts to visit and participate in programs. Located on 45 green acres in Waltham, Scouts can explore nature, visit a farmyard, snowshoe, or tour an elegant 1806 mansion. This unusual setting offers both indoors and outdoors programs for Brownies and Juniors.
Ongoing Scout Programs:
Eleven special programs allow Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts to fulfill requirements for badges. Using the Gore Place collections and the 45 acres of open space, these programs help scouts develop their visual and critical thinking skills while piquing their curiosity.
Brownie Try-Its
Self-guided Programs. Instructions and materials provided.

Animals: Explore the world of animals at Gore Place. Through 4 activities which COMPLETE the REQUIREMENTS for this TRY-IT, compare the lives of farm animals, wild animals and pets. Learn about characteristics that they all have in common and some things that make them different.
Outdoor Adventure: This program explores Gore Place’s 45 acres and provides the materials and instructions to do requirements number 1, 3, 4, and 5 to COMPLETE the TRY-IT. Brownies and their leaders will explore gardens, trees, fields, a brook, and the farm and learn that an outdoor adventure can happen close to home. Snack not included.

Docent-led Programs (1½ hours)
Listening to the Past:
Wear an elegant gown like Rebecca Gore. View the spiral staircase. Roll a large hoop through the gardens. These are some of the experiences Brownies will have as they discover life on an early 19th century country estate. They will see and discuss how the Gores, their nieces, nephews and servants ate, slept, worked and played. Following a tour of the 1806 mansion, Brownies participate in activities with reproduction clothing and toys.

Stitch It Together: Tour the beautiful 1806 mansion at Gore Place, focusing on 19th century examples of embroidery, quilts and clothing. See the sampler stitched by Christopher Gore’s mother when she was a young girl in 1736. See how stitches can change a plain fabric into a beautiful quilt. After the tour, participate in a simple stitching activity based on the Gore Place collections.

Eco-Explorer: Learn about habitats while exploring the gardens, fields, brooks and farm at Gore Place. Then, create a pretend habitat with craft materials.

Junior Scout Badges
Self-guided Programs. Instructions and materials provided.

Earth Connections: At Gore Place, scouts become ecologists and study plants, animals and their environments. Explore your own ecosystem, visit our heritage breed animals, identify native plants and learn how they were used by Native Americans.

Winter Sports: Would your scouts like to try snowshoeing for the Winter Sports badge? We have 25 pairs of children's snowshoes* and 15 pairs for adults which can be rented for 1 hour for $5 a pair.

Frosty Fun: Outdoor winter fun on Gore Place’s 45 acres includes snowshoeing*, building snow sculptures, and searching for animal tracks. Two visits to Gore Place can COMPLETE the REQUIREMENTS to earn this badge.
*Recommended maximum weight for snowshoes: children - 100 lbs. Adults - 220 lbs.

Docent-led Programs (1½ hours)

Architecture: How does an 1806 Federal mansion set on 45 acres differ from a 21st century home? With the aid of architectural plans, scouts examine the exterior of the mansion, tour 16 rooms and look for relationships between the two.

Yarn and Fabric Arts: See examples of 18th and 19th century yarn and fabric art while touring the 1806 mansion at Gore Place. Highlights include embroidery, clothing, needlework, and quilts.

Folk Arts : A visit to the Gore Place mansion reveals antiques, portraits, toys, and needlework. After touring the 1806 National Historic Landmark, use 19th century reproduction items and ideas prompted by the tour to draw a self-portrait.

Reservations are required for all programs
Cost is $7 per participant.
Programs are available Monday through Friday. Call for weekend availability.

Chaperones: Unlimited chaperones permitted at no charge for outdoor programs. Two chaperones for every 10 scouts admitted at no charge for Mansion Tour Programs. Additional chaperones pay regular adult admission.

Deposit is required. A $30 non-refundable deposit is due within 10 business days of booking.

For additional information contact the Education Department at 781-894-2798 or e-mail

Wenham Museum Offers Scout Programs

DIRECT LINK: http://www.wenhammuseum.org/scouts.html

The Wenham Museum in Wenham offers tours, programs, and badge workshops for Girl Scouts. For additional information and to make reservation e-mail info@wenhammuseum.org The Museum is willing to tailor a program to a Troop's needs.

Building Arts: Become an architect, engineer, or decorator for the day and earn the Building Art Try-It as you join in hands-on activities. Get an overview of a building project from blueprints to paper model and photos. Design your ideal Scout meeting place and build a model to take home. Tour the museum on an architectural scavenger hunt.
Program fulfills segments of the Building Art Try-It.
(2 hours)
Grade 2-5
$8 per child (badge not included)
History-Herstory: Examine the lives of Colonial women through the eyes of the Gerrish Family who lived in Wenham during the Salem witch hysteria. Imagine a life full of responsibilities but no rights. Use primary source materials to discover how historians develop their theories. Learn to embroider a colonial “pocket” and write an account of the strange happenings in this Puritan colony. Earn the Council’s own History-Herstory badge in this one-day workshop
(2.5 to 3 hours)
Grade 4-8
$9.50 (includes Wenham Museum badge)
Mrs. Horton’s Dolls: Learn about Mrs. Elizabeth Horton, the remarkable woman who started the museum’s world-renowned doll collection, and visit her childhood home. Tour the collection and test yourt observation skills through the use of a search and find game. The program ends with a hands-on project where each child makes and dresses in their own clothespin figure. Program fuilfills segments of the Brownie Try-it and Girl Scout Doll and Puppetry Badge.
(1.5 hours)
Grade 1-4
$8 per child (badge not included)
Listening to the Past: Colonial Household This interactive program provides an overview of daily life during the Colonial period in rural Massachusetts and includes opportunities for children to participate in hands-on activities from candle making, soap making, games, cooking, or schooling. Each child brings home a product of their activity. Children tour the Claflin-Richards House and participate in a discussion.
Fulfills requirements for Listening to the Past Try-It Badge.
(2.5-3 hours)
Grade 2-5
$8 per child (badge not included)
Listening to the Past: Native Americans on the North Shore Discover who lived here before the first settlers arrived and how they lived. Participate in a pow-wow to learn about the Algonquins on the North Shore using the museum’s Native American artifacts, reproduction pieces, and renowned doll collection. Each child constructs their own miniature longhouse to take home. Fulfills requirements for Listening to the Past Try-It Badge.
(2 hours)
Grade 2-5
$8 per child (badge not included)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham Offers Badge Workshops for Scouts

DIRECT LINK : www.danforthmuseum.org/girlscout.html

The Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham offers several art workshops for all Scout levels that follow the guidelines for badges listed in the Girl Scout Handbook.
Each workshop runs for two hours and can be tailored to meet your troop's needs.
Mural projects for special events also can be done during Girl Scout Workshops.
Some examples of badges that can be worked on at the Danforth are:
Try-Its for Brownies
Art to Wear
Colors and Shapes
Puppets, Dolls & Plays
Junior Badges
The Dabbler
Art in the Round
Ceramics and Clay
Drawing and Painting
Prints and Graphics
Textiles and Fibers
Senior Interest Projects
Artistic Crafts
Just Jewelry
Museum Discovery
Paper Works
Textile Arts
Visual Arts
COST: A 2-hour hour Badge Workshop, including instruction by a qualified Museum School teacher and all art supplies, is $135. The price includes up to 10 children. Each additional child is $10.
There is a $20 Clay Workshop surcharge.
T-shirts are available for $3 each
To Schedule a Workshop: First call the Museum School at 508.620.0937 to set up a tentative date and time and to discuss workshop possibilities. Once this is done, a leader will need to complete a form confirming the workshop, and then make a credit card payment or send a check to Danforth Museum of Art, 123 Union Avenue, Framingham, 01702-8291.
For more information on the Museum visit: www.danforthmuseum.org/index.html

Mass Audubon's Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick Offers Girl Scout Programs

DIRECT LINK: www.massaudubon.org/PDF/sanctuaries/broadmoor/BroadmoorGirlScouts.pdf

Mass Audubon Society's Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary offers programs for Brownies, Junior, & Cadette Scouts that meet Try-it & Badge requirments. The Sanctuary can also work with troops to work on a specific badge or project.
ABOUT Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary:
Broadmoor’s nine miles of walking trails guide you through a variety of field, woodland, and wetland habitats. A quarter-mile, handicap accessible trail and boardwalk along the bank of Indian Brook and over the marsh offers great opportunities for birdwatching, photography, and sketching. To enjoy this site in the winter, bring your snowshoes or cross-country skis. Stroll along the edge of Indian Brook, which flows into the Charles River at the sanctuary, and look for wood ducks and signs of beavers and otters from the 110-foot-long bridge. Take a tape-recorded tour of the sanctuary’s nature center, which is complete with solar heating and composting toilets, to learn about our “green” architecture.
Sanctuary has: Nature Center, Restrooms, All Persons Trail.
Located at: 280 Eliot Street, Natick, 01760
Contact info: 508-655-2296broadmoor@massaudubon.org

Nature Center/Trail Hours:

Nature Center: Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday holidays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Trails: Open Tuesday through Sunday, and Monday holidays, dawn to dusk.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Natick Community Organic Farm Offers Programs for Girl Scouts

DIRECT LINK: http://www.natickfarm.org/NCOtemplate/Sub-Pages/Public%20Programs/Scout%20Main%20Page.html

The Natick Community Organic Farm invites Girl Scout Troops to come out to the Farm and get their hands dirty. Whether you are Daisy, Brownie, Junior, or Cadette Girl Scout, learn where your food comes from, how to be good stewards of the land or simply to enjoy an afternoon of crafts.
To sign up for a program, a troop leader will need to e-mail Regina or call her at 508-655-7666 to check on availability. After availability is confirmed, print out a "scout registration form" and send it along with your payment to NCOF, 117 Eliot Street, Natick, 01760
Scout programs at the farm take place rain or shine. they are interactive, hands-on programs, so please make sure that everybody is dressed for the weather and to work. Refunds are only granted if a cancellations is received six weeks prior to the scheduled program.
-- Bring your troop to the Farm to feed and water the animals and secure them for the night.
When: Monday through Thursday
Time: 4 - 5 pm
Fee: $5/scout
HOLIDAY CRAFTS -- Bring your troop for a cozy afternoon at the Farm. You can choose to either make your own beeswax candles or to create your own holiday gift wrap and gift cards. You'll go home with beautiful gifts for your friends or to enjoy by yourself.
When: Wednesday, November 19
Time: 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Fee: $12/scout
SCOUT OVERNIGHT AVAILABLE: Ask about these programs.
INTERACTIVE FARM TOUR -- Explore your Community Farm through an interactive tour and see what farming is all about. Learn about different farm animals, the plants we grow in our garden and greenhouses, our compost pile, and our sugar shack.
When: Monday through Thursday
Time: 1 - 2pm or 3:30 - 4:30 pm
Fee: $5 per Scout

ANIMAL TRY-IT -- Come to the Farm to learn about our Farm animals, what they need and what they give us. This is a hands-on program, scouts will be involved in animal chores. Please come dressed for the weather and to work.
PLANT TRY-IT -- Discover the plants we grow on our Community Farm. Learn about seeds and ways to propagate plants. Go on a leaf hunt or do some plant rubbings, be involved in transplanting or harvesting depending on the season. This is a hands-on program, please come dressed for the weather and to get dirty.
ECO-EXPLORER -- Let's go on a treasure hunt and discover living and non-living things all around us and see how they co-exist in a habitat. Learn about plant and animal adaptations and how you can help wild life.
When: Monday through Thursday
Time: 1-2:30 pm or 3:30 - 5 pm
Fee: $7 per Brownie

PLANTS AND ANIMALS BADGE -- The Farm offers the opportunity for Junior Girl Scouts to earn their "Plants and Animal Badge". Come learn about plants and plant products, plant propagation, domesticated animals and pets and how to take care of them.
When: Monday through Thursday
Time: 1-2:30 pm or 3:30-5:00pm
Fee: $7/scout
PRINTS AND GRAPHICS BADGE -- Try your hands on rubbings, stamp design, nature prints and more.
When: 1-2:30pm or 3:30-5:00pm
Fee: $10/scout
ROCKS ROCK BADGE -- Find out about a very unique geological finding on the Natick Community Organic Farm. Investigate our local soils and rocks and have a hands-on experience in erosion control.
When: Monday and Tuesday
Time: 1-2:30 pm or 3:30 - 5:00 pm

INTRODUCTION TO YOGA - Get out of the box and explore the wonders of yoga for fitness! Fun, encouraging workshop to introduce balance, stretching and yoga poses.
When: Wednesday, October 8, 15, or 29
Time: 3:30 - 4:30 pm
Fee: $5/scout
GARDEN SERVICE PROJECT -- Start planning your spring projects. The Natick Community Organic Farm offers a garden plot to a Girl Scout Troop in order to use it for a service project. Use the organic soil of the Farm to grow and harvest healthy food for a community food bank. the girl Scouts will be responsible for planning their garden, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and putting the garden to bed.This is a wonderful, involved project that requires a lot of responsibility and dedication but will bring rewards in many ways.
Please sign up by March 31!
To learn more about the Farm visit http://www.natickfarm.org/

Plimouth Plantation Offers Scouting Programs and A Special Scouting Day on April 4

DIRECT LINK: www.plimoth.org/education/scouts.php#badges
Plimoth Plantation invites Scout group to take advantage of all that Plimoth Plantation has to offer, on its museum sites as well as through the educational programs.
Options include:
* Evening Scout Meetings at Plimoth Plantation
* Overnights
* Let Plimoth Plantation come to you
* Earning Badges
* Field trips
Scout Day 2009! -- Plans are underway for Scout Day 2009 on April 4th.

Plimouth Plantation programs may help Girl Scouts fulfill the requirements for the following badges:
Family Living Skills
Celebrating People
Creative Solutions
Geography Fun
Local Lore
Now and Then: Stories from Around the World
Foods, Fibers and Farming
Plants and Animals
Sky Search
Textiles and Fibers
To learn more about the scouting offerings, make a reservation, or work with the Plantation on a specific badge, try the link above or e-mail programservices@plimoth.org or call 508-746-1622, extension 8359.

Juniors Rocks Rock Badge Workshop Offered by Central & Western Massachusetts Council in Worcester

Juniors earn your Rocks Rock badge while you search the Broad Meadow Brook Sanctuary in Worcester for signs of geologic events on Saturday, Nov. 15.
Learn how to test and classify rocks and learn about fossils while making one to take home. Talk with a geologist about what the job entails and what career opportunities there are for geologists.
Note: Badge needs to be purchased separately at the Girl Scout store.
Register directly with Mass Audubon Society by calling MAS Broad Meadow Brook at 508-753-6087, or e-mail sfarnam@massaudubon.org.
The event is for Junior Scouts in grades 4-5-6.
The event will be held on Saturday, November 15 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
The registration deadline is Thursday, Oct 30 or when all 30 spots are filled.
Price is $8 per girl.

Juliette Girls can attend with an adult.guardian.

Now & Then Stories From Around the World Badge Workshop Offered by Central & Western Massachusetts Council in November

Junior Scouts work on your “Now and Then Stories from Around the World” badge at this fun workshop led by professional storyteller Katie Green at the Council's Worcester Service Unit. (Learn more about Katie at www.katiegreenstories.org). Storytelling helps improve communication skills and enhances imagination, creativity and literacy. You will learn lots of storytelling skills as you create your own characters and bring them to life, play fun word games and create your own tales. Most of the requirements will be completed, however you will leave the workshop armed with the skills to finish it easily on your own. You will also be given one small assignment to complete before you arrive. Badge is included.
The Storytelling Workshop event is for Junior Scouts in grades 4-5-6 and will be held at the Worcester Service Center on saturday, Nov. 22 from 1 to 3:30 p.m.
The event is open to troops and to Juliette Scouts.
The cost is $11 per girl.
The registration deadline is Friday, Oct. 24 or when all 40 spots are filled.

Registration form: http://www.gscwm.org/pdfs/EventRegistrationForm.pdf
For more information contact the Central & Western Massachusetts Council at:http://www.gscwm.org/contact_us.shtml

Monday, October 6, 2008

Roller Skating Registration Deadline -- Oct. 20!

The Framingham Girl Scout Service Unit is hosting a town-wide roller skating event on Saturday night, Nov. 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Roller Kingdom in Hudson.
The cost for each Girl Scout is $4 to cover the cost and the participation patch.
Girls may rent skates at additional fee of $3 at the rink.
The deadline to respond to Missy, who is coordinating the event, is October 20. All Money is due at that time too!
If you have e-mailed your troop will come and how many before the date great, but if Missy does not have the money by October 20th you troop will not make it into the final count for patches and the event.
Missy must give Lee Theise at Roller Kingdom a head count then, so NO late registrations will be accepted.
Please keep in mind that this is a Girl Scout only event.
Safety-wise ratio rules for parents apply.
No family skating allowed for this event.
Girl Scout Troop Leaders who have questions should contact Missy or post questions on the leader group at Yahoo!

REMINDER: Leader Meeting Tuesday, Oct. 7

Just a reminder that the next Framingham Girl Scout Leader meeting is this Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. at the Plymouth Church.
It is "give away night" please bring any books/patches/badges/pins, etc to "trade" or give away.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Science & Voting Workshop a Success!!

More than 60 Girl Scouts (Daisy, Brownie, & Junior) participated in today's Science & Voting workshop at St. Bridget School Hall.
Girls who attended earned a special science participation patch. (See slide show below for a photo of it.)
The Daisy, Brownie & Junior Scouts also completed the necessary steps to earn a special voting patch (Individual troops need to purchase this from Council).
Brownie Scouts earned the Science in Action Try-It today. (Again, each troop must purchase these Try-its.) Juniors earned the Science Discovery Badge today (These badges will need to be purchased by the troop, too.)
Thanks to Framingham Town Clerk Valerie Mulvey for speaking to the girls today. (She is a former Girl Scout.)
Below are a few photos from today's event. (Please click on View All Images to see full photo image.)

Thanks also to Representative Pam Richardson (who sent brochures/pamphlets about the voting process) and Congressman Ed Markey (who provided attendees with a copy of the U.S. Constitution.)

FYI - the Girl Scout vote for President went to Senator Obama. It was a close race. 44 votes for Obama and 40 votes for Senator McCain.
Special thank you to Mary Ann Sager for organizing this town-wide Framingham girl scout event!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Can't Find a Troop? Become a Juliette!!!

The Juliette Girl Scout program is for girls in kindergarten through grade 12, who are registered individually as a Girl Scout.
Some Juliette scouts prefer the freedom of not having a troop while others can't join a troop due to scheduling conflicts.
Juliettes can have just as much fun with Scouting as girls who are in traditional troops.
As a Juliette, girls can complete awards, badges, etc on their own.
They can attend Framingham-wide events (like this weekend's science & voting workshop) and November's roller skating event. They can also attend Girl scout Council events, which are typically posted here on this site but that all are posted on the Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scouts site.
Juliettes can also sell cookies and attend resident or other camp programs.
For more information, attend one of the registration events in Framingham this month!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TIME CHANGE -- Science & Voting Workshop

After review of the schedule and taking into account how quickly the girls moved through the workshop last year, Sunday's schedule has been adjusted with a new starting time:
2:15 p.m. check in (patches are in troop bags and will be given to the first adult from that troop to arrive)
2:30-4:30 p.m. science and voting workshop stations
3 p.m. science speaker
4 p.m. voting speaker = Valerie Mulvey, Framingham Town Clerk
Any volunteers for the event are asked to arrive at 1:30 for their assignment and instructions (please feel free to bring your daughters - they can start when able at the workshops).
More volunteers are still needed.
Clean up is 4:30-5 for anyone who can help.
Thus far, there are 60 girls signed up.

Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton Offers Girl Scout Programs

Direct LINK: www.fullercraft.org/programs.html#Scout
Girl Scouts can have a tour and earn a badge at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton. The Museum offers tours and workshops to provide an opportunity for Girl Scouts of all levels to earn badges in art, metalwork, textile, woodwork, etc.
Please call 508.588.6000 x 125 or e-mail registrations @fullercraft.org for additional information.

Scout Workshop prices:
Tour + 1-hour workshop: $75 fee plus $6 per scout for up to 12 scouts
Tour + 2-hour workshop: $150 fee plus $10 per scout up to 12 scouts