Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mass Audubon in Worcester will Work with Junior Troops on Badges

Mass Audubon Society's Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and
Wildlife Sanctuary in Worcester will work with Junior level Girl Scouts to run a program to earn a Badge.

(Badges are not provided as part of the per Scout fee and will need to be purchased separately by the troop's leader.)
A minimum of 8 Scouts is needed for each program offering.
The cost is based on the length of the program. A 2-hour program is $7 per Scout. A 2.5 hour program is $8 per Scout. There may be an additional charge for adults/leaders. Please check with the sanctuary when registering for a program.
To Book a Junior level Scout Program: Call the Worcester Sanctuary at 508-753-6087, Ext. 15

Programs available for Junior level Scouts are:
Wildlife 2 ½ hours
Learn our state’s wildlife symbols and two animals or plants that are endangered in Massachusetts, and learn how our sanctuary tries to protect them. Identify 3 kinds of birds and learn about beak adaptations! Learn what characteristics are shared with members of two wildlife groups.
Rocks Rock 2 ½ hours
Talk with a geologist about career opportunities. Search the sanctuary for signs of geologic events. Learn how to test and classify rocks. Learn about fossils while making one to take home. Take home a real 300 million year old fossil!!!
Plants and Animals 2 ½ hours
Learn how and why animals are grouped together and discuss the world of extinct animals. Discover whether there are really are Good or Bad plants and animals. Go on a "wildlife safari", identify plants and their uses, and talk to a naturalist who works with wildlife.
Earth Connections 2 ½ hours
Become an ecologist and study a n ecosystem to learn about the different levels of plant life. Learn about growth rings and identify ten trees. Play an eco-game and learn about problems that affect our environment and what you can do to protect earth’s ecosystems.
For the Birds 2 ½ hours
Become an ornithologist as we explore the fascinating world of birds. Learn about beak adaptations, bird calls, feathers, migrations and so much more.
Thanks to Sheryl Farnam at the Broadmeadow Brook Sanctuary for forwarding this information to Framingham Girl Scouts..

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