Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scouting Reorganization

Girl Scouts USA has reorganized all the Scouting levels.
Membership groups for Girl Scouts will be:
Grades K-1: Girl Scout Daisy
Grades 2-3: Girl Scout Brownie
Grades 4-5: Girl Scout Junior
Grades 6-8: Girl Scout Cadette
Grades 9-10: Girl Scout Senior
Grades 11-12: Girl Scout Ambassador

Mixed Troops are permitted.
For example, a troop this year with 4th & 5th grade Juniors, next year could be a mixed Troop of 5th grade Juniors and 6th grade Cadettes.
If anyone has any questions in relationship to bridging and Troop levels, please post on the Yahoo leader group or contact Council.

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